NSM bronze opponents

Thursday 20.4. is the day when the first of two bronze matches is going to be played, between SIF and ÅIFK. Is there a favorite, does one have an upper hand on the other?As many are [...]

Dicken or HIFK

So the season 2016-2017 is drawing toward its end, and remaining are only the finals and bronze games. The finals start on Wednesday in Pirkkola, at 19:15. The series are played best of 5, so to [...]

New year

A new year is upon us, and except the new visual side on the blog, we will take a short look what happened during 2016. There has been announcements, there has been overseas transfers and there [...]

SIF or Dicken?

So HIFK has dominated the Finnish-Cup the last 4 years, but this year they were beaten in the semi finals, the new champion is… After an over 20-year break Dicken managed to win the [...]

Idol status 100+

For youth player’s it’s important to have an idol. For the idol it’s important to take notice of their fans. So what does “take notice” mean. Well a whole lot. [...]

New transfer news

Fresh from the press…Malin Wilén from HIFK is moving over sea. Malin has signed with Kärra HF to play in the first division. She will both study and play while in Sweden.This [...]