Brazil-Poland for the President’s Cup

Not only the top 16 teams but also the eliminated ones took the court on Sunday: the 5th placed teams played the first placement matches for the 17-20th places while the 6th placed teams of each group are battling for placements 21-24 in the President’s Cup. Among the teams playing for the better teams, Brazil and Poland managed to take the victories so the two will meet tomorrow for the President’s Cup.

IHF Women’s Handball World Championship – Placement matches
Placements 17-20:
Angola – Poland 33-34 (13-12 ; 24-24) – after penalties
Brazil – Cameroon 28-26 (14-15)

Placements 21-24:
Paraguay – Argentina 28-25 (10-12)
Tunisia – China 31-32 (14-16)

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