Sweden sent Slovenia home

IHF World Championship, Germany 2017

Arena Leipzig


Sweden had a strong opening on this game as they were in a  five-goal lead after 12 minutes of play, 7-2. Slovenia had nothing to offer except Ana Gros to attack the Swedish defense and this turned out to be insufficient against Bundsen in the goal. Sweden was efficient mostly on wings and fastbreaks, Hagman, Mellegaard, Gustin, Roberts, and Lagerquist scored and Johanna Bundsen stopped the weak Slovenian attacks. At the middle of the first half Slovenia had a comeback, scoring three goals in a row,  Alja Koren, but on the other side, Sweden had much more to come with as Johanna Westberg found her shooting arm, scoring five goals to the end of this half. Th first half was clearly won by Sweden, not seem to make any efforts in order to lead this match and be dominant.

The second half of the match was a relaxed goal-show from the Swedish side, Slovenia continued to struggle both in attack and in defense, meanwhile, Sweden marched into the quarter-finals without any opposition.

Sweden –  Slovenia 33 – 21 (18 – 12)


Sweden – Gullden 3, Hagman 5, Roberts 3, Alm, Lagerquist 3, Toft Hansen 4, Mellegaard 2, Sand 1, Westberg 8, Blomstrand 2, Gustin 1, Jakobsen,Strømberg 1

Slovenia -Gros 4, Ferfolja 1, Stanko, Irman 1, Koren 8, Amon 2, Abina 1, Vrcek 1, Rudman 1, Krhlikar 1

Suspension: 6 minutes; 8 minutes

7 meters: 2/2; 3/1

Player of the match: Johanna Westberg (SWE)

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