The growth rate of the organization is determined
by the speed of learning of its members.
Peter M. Senge

Handball game significantly changed in the last 20 or 30 years. I suggest watching the next top matches from different decades:

Olympic games final, 1980:

Olympic games final, 2004:

Today seniors play differently than 20 years ago.
In 20 years, seniors will play differently than today.
Today we need to prepare children to play handball as it will be in 20 years, and not for the handball of today.

Who can predict the changes that will happened in the senior handball in the future?
What changes in training methods need to be introduced?
Who determines this?

The organizations (clubs or federations) which do not introduce permanent changes in the training system with children and continue teaching them with methods from the past will fall behind those who thrive.

The consequences of my present fear of change and ignorance, a kid who is now enrolled in my group will feel in 20 years.
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