As in the first phase of „handball education“ children should not dribble (bounce the ball), and parents know that the handball is game where players are dribbling, they are asking us: "Why children are not allowed to dribble?" or "How will they learn to dribble, if it is not allowed?", etc.

Coaches who are engaged in mini handball know that the quickest and safest way to score is when one or two best players try to resolve the situation on their own. This is also the quickest and safest path to victory in mini handball.

Passing, especially when a little less able player should pass or receive the ball, raise the possibility of losing the ball.

The best players are happy because they score a lot of goals, less capable players are happy because they win the match, the club is happy because winning means that a good generation is coming, parents are happy because we all love victories and if they win, it means that the children are progressing, coach is happy because there are not many turnovers, and he also loves victories.

In short, everything is great.
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