When we are born our selfishness is on 100, and empathy on 0. The only important thing is the satisfaction of our needs. This relationship is changing over time and we begin to notice others and their needs, and our relationship changes from: "You're here to satisfy my desires and needs." to "You and your needs are important, and I feel good only if both of us are feeling well."

"The life sentence" for selfish is that over time people in his environment begin to use him exclusively for fulfilling their needs instead of creating a qualityrelationship based on trust, love, empathy, etc. Here the circle closes because to selfish one this is the best confirmation that all people are the same and he does not feel the need for change.

The moment when the process of socialization starts is the relationship between child and parent and ends up in creating relationships with family, friends and business colleagues.

Unfortunately for them, some people grow up and stay on the developmental level of selfishness. These people are not bad, they just have not developed the capacity for empathy, and other people see them as selfish or egoist. They bother their environment when they are in contact, but in reality, they are toughest to themselves because they have to deal with themselves 24 hours a day.


Handball is an environment that can help create quality, empathic person, but on the other hand, I know a lot of senior players get stuck at a lower developmental level: selfishness.

Passing the ball at the age of 6 encourage children to develop social skills, ie. We direct them towards higher quality and happier adulthood.

Dribble the ball in the age of 8 and the celebration of scored goals direct children on self-sufficient adults without a sense of the needs of others.

Adults, ie, seniors from the first group are quality players and happier persons, and it is coach's responsibility to direct all children in that direction.
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