Authoritarian coach relationship with children is based on the struggle for power, ie. creating a relationship in which everyone knows that he is always right, everybody must do what he wants, and those who does not comply will be punished. The sentence depends on the "severity of the errors" that kid did or on they status in the team, the financial power of a parents, etc.

Rebellious children in this system have different path, and some with strong character and persistents often creates a model of human relations based on conflict. Repeated battles in childhood lead them to grow up in adults who want conflict, in order to improve their hierarchical status within the group.

Such senior player has a constant need for conflict because it makes them to constantly confirm the status in the group, ie. the confirmation of who is strong, who is stronger and who is the strongest.

Sometimes they do it in the physical field by insolent attitude towards weaker teammate, hard fouls in the game, etc.

On the intellectual field they find conflict by constant reproaches to teammates, coaches or club management.

On the emotional field by public expression of disrespect towards the group, disobedience to coach, creating distrust of the managemant of the club.

Environment with such persons carries a different ways, but the reality is the most difficult to the „conflict player“ because they carry conflicts with themselves all the time, and relationship with the environment is only a manifestation of their internal conflicts and discontents.

Due to the damage the coach can cause to the senior player and his environment in the childhood, the coach from childhood has a great responsibility to create a good relationship based on mutual respect and not obedience.
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