RESPONSIBILITY (2) irresponsible adult player


An adult who has not developed personal responsibility functions by a simple role model. He is creditable for the success, but in the case of failure he must find the culprit to accuse for the failure. When he founds one, he feels good.

Superficially, this person does not have a problem. In case of failure just need to find someone to point with finger and good feeling returns.

However, the truth is that happiness lies very far from such a person because long-term repetition of such functioning creates adult who is incapable of making quality decisions. In the game you see it from the stand and in life in the way he cooperates with other people.

The person who need culprits to justify his mistakes, teaches himself that he is powerless and determines his own destiny, because there is always someone else's fault. As he thinks about how others decide, on the run away from condemnation his life is devoted to fulfilling other people's whishes and goals.
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