Depending on where we buy it, one medal costs between .50 and 1€.

So why do so many people yearn for them?

The medal is proof that we are the best at something and can be hung on the wall. On the wall of the room, we have official proof that we are the best, for example, in mini handball. So we can watch it, show it to friends, neighbors, etc.

We take photos of them and stick them on the facebook where even more people can see them, it will be liked and shared by our facebook friends.

Thus, the value of the medal is not material, but emotional.

What is the value of the medal, which is given to all players of a mini handball tournament?
What proves this medal?

In addition to rewarding the hard work that the child and his parents or club invested in coming to the tournament, it makes it even worse.

It tells to the child: "Do not play mini handball because it is a beautiful game, play mini handball to get something material."

I think that final award for playing mini handball should be playing mini handball and that the creation of such motivation in childhood is important for building a long-term internal motivation for playing handball, and giving medals to the small children just for participate on the tournament is the show for their parents and bargain shopping of their affection.
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