There are 30 letters in the Croatian languageand about 400 to 450,000 words.

There are 25 letters in the English languageand over 1,000,000 words.

If we compare the players who play handball using 25 technical and tactical elements, does that mean that he is worse than one used 30 of them?

With the number of technical elements of the game that children learn, it is important how they use them in different situations, and crucially the quality of the performance of each of them.

Technical and tactical elements are like letters the player use to write his game and he will not be able to realise or express his talents if he uses them clumsily.
At the same time, it is crucial the quality of execution of each element.

None of the two extremes in learning is good:

The coach who works with children should understand this balance, and common mistakes in the learning process are an excessive repetition of one element or attempt to learn everything about everything on the other side.

One path leads to poverty, ie. too simple playing, and the other in superficiality.
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