Norway, Serbia, Germany, Montenegro, Iceland and Hungary out: Europe chose its representatives

Qualification eliminations round, World Championship Qatar 2015

Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Macedonia, Slovenia, Sweden and Bosnia on the World Championship in Qatar 2015.

In one of the most interesting qualification duels, Serbia managed to loose 8 goals advantage and suffered the biggest defeat in the first day of second lag of the qualification round for World Championship Qatar 2015. Bad day for Serbian team, and bad day for Serbian coach Matic who is no longer head coach of the national team.

Austria made the second surprise, in Norway they defended the two goal advantage they had from the first lag. After 60 minutes played in Arena Sotra, Norway played tied game and the score 28-28 was not enough to stop Austrian celebration.



13:50 Finished Czech Republic  33 18 15 First lag: 15-23 Aggregate:48-44 
Serbia 21 8 13
15:00 Finished Lithuania 22 13 9  First lag: 22-30  Aggregate:44-63 
Russia  33 13 20
15:00 Finished Norway 28 13 15  First lag: 26-28  Aggregate:54-56 
Austria  28 17 11
15:15 Finished Germany 28 14 14  First lag: 24-25  Aggregate:52-54 
Poland  29 10 19
On yesterday’s program Bosnia and Herzegovina was the most pleasant surprise, they managed to save their minimal victory from the first lag and with draw they are for the first time ever on major handball event, Icelandic stars have to reconsider their position in the team and with new strategy to plan the road to Poland 2016.
Slovenia on the other hand, managed to defeat Hungarian team in just 30 minutes. After the first half in the second lag they were trailing behind with three goals and in total six goals, but they miraculously got back in this match and made impressive 9 goals advantage in the last 30 minutes.
Macedonia and Belarus had easy task in duels against Greece and Montenegro.


DrawWORLD: World Championship – Qualification – Second stage
15:15 Finished Sweden  27 15 12  First lag:25-24  Aggregate:52-45
Romania 21 7 14
16:00 Finished Belarus  30 16 14  First lag:27-28  Aggregate:57-52
Montenegro 24 9 15
18:00 Finished Slovenia 32 13  19  First lag:22-25  Aggregate:54-51
Hungary 26 16  10
19:30  Finished Iceland 29  10  19  First lag:32-33  Aggregate:61-62
Bosnia & Herzegovina 29  15  14
20:00  Finished FYR Macedonia 35  19  16  First lag:27-25  Aggregate:62-48
Greece 23  9  14
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