Szeged new winner of EHF Cup

Montpellier Agglomeration HB 28 – 29 Pick Szeged

Men´s EHF 2013/14, Cup Final, Max-Schmeling-Halle, Berlin

It was a game with all attributes to proudly be called a final, fighting spirit, suspense, lot of tactics and great moves. If the referees did not whistle Szeged’s last attack a penalty, the fight would probably not be over in 60 minutes. Szeged begun with two goals in a row and kept the lead throughout the first half which ended with 14-16 for the Hungarian team. The roles changed in the middle of the second half, when Montpellier took over the lead. But they kept it briefly and let another Szeged’s series, which put Pastor’s squad in two goals lead again. In the last minutes of the match Mikler saved penalty and helped his team, on the other side Omeyer was not on the level of his task. Motpellier lost the final but Dragan Gajic scored the most goals on this match 10, and overall on the tournament. On the other side Ferenc Ilyés scored 7 goals with impressive 77% efficiency.
In the match for third place, Fuchse Berlin defeated Constanta with 28:27. Even though they won against Constanta two time this season, Fuchse was not that impressive in this match. The Romanians were in the lead almost 50 minutes but, they could not hold on to Fuchse’s pace, and slowly lost their power.
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